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July 18, 2024 9:29 pm
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Who is


Prism Consultancy Company (CH) AG is an immigration consulting firm that assists clients to seamlessly migrate or invest in Switzerland & other countries.

Prism has more than 20 years of experience assisting expatriates who are relocating to Switzerland and to corporates who wish to send their staff to other countries. Each year, we process more than 1,000 applications of all kinds. We provide services to individuals from various nations and backgrounds. It expands our understanding of how to manage a variety of unusual immigration situations.

In today’s complicated and demanding environment, providing exceptional and satisfactory customer service is not an easy task. However, at Prism, every member of our team is working hard to understand the needs of the clients and find the best solution to fulfill their needs. We don’t just provide the best solution to clients, but also do an extra mile for them. All the procedure and processing will be handled by our trained in-house staff. We understand that it is a very important life-changing process for our clients, we do not outsource such process to other agents to handle. We get the first hand information and experience and we directly contact with clients to minimize miscommunication or delay and maximize approval rate and efficiency. We have different branches in different countries where we provide our services.

Strong Commitment To Responsive And Proactive Communication

We guarantee to respond to your emails and other communication methods the same day, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of each application.

We Do An Extra Mile For You By Providing With You Extra Value-Added Services

Prism is completely aware of what expatriates need. In addition to making sure that the tasks assigned to us are completed perfectly, we also make sure that all additional requirements of the expatriates moving overseas are addressed.

A Single Point-Of-Contact Approach

In order to guarantee that Prism fully meets your expectations and allocate the right resources to provide seamless services to you and your company, our team manager will function as Lead Engagement Manager to monitor the quality of our services. The Lead Consultant will serve as your single point of contact, providing to support consistent, high-quality integrated services as well as continued, proactive daily communication with you. Your application will always be taken care by at least two of our staff.

Simple Structure With No Delay On Visa Applications

Prism is a professional Immigration consulting firm. We take an advantage of our experienced to give flexibility to handle urgent applications with no delay. We can easily arrange our resources around to deal with urgent issues without going through a complicated company approval procedure. We guarantee visa applications will be submitted to Immigration within 24 hours upon all necessary documents are collected.